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Do you think Indian ATC is doing enough to reduce RT congestion in the skies ?
FROM THE EDITORS DESK- Forty Third Issue, Aug - Sep 2014

Hi Friends!
Here is a proud moment for all of us. “BLAZING A TRAIL IN THE FIELD OF AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES”, Shri V. Somasundaram, Member (Air Navigation Services), Airports Authority of India (AAI) has won the prestigious Bharat Ratna JRD Tata Award instituted by Aeronautical Society of India (ASI) for the year 2013.

His outstanding contribution has not only improved ANS infrastructure in the country and enhanced Safety, Efficiency and Capacity of the airspace but also ushered in seamless ATM and global harmonization. Earlier, he has won international ATC Awards for EXCELLENCE consecutively for 3 years for his excellent leadership to Air Navigation Services in India.
The award is undoubtedly a fitting recognition for an individual who has transformed the crowded Indian sky into a safe, seamless and green sky. An individual who dared to DREAM and labored relentlessly to transform his DREAM into reality.
The ASI has been conferring annual national awards in recognition and appreciation of outstanding contribution and achievements made in the field of aeronautics and airspace sciences. Among the other Awards instituted by ASI, Bharat Ratna JRD Tata Award is given to an individual making outstanding contributions in the field of Civil Aviation.
The other significant development is the ensuing battle lines between the Full Service Carriers. A decade after low-cost carriers led India's air travel boom, full-service airlines are gearing up for a battle for premium passengers.
Flag carrier Air India, which has only offered premium travel, will face more competition from second-largest airline Jet Airways, which has said that it would ditch its budget unit and focus on the full-service market amid mounting losses.
The competition in the full-service sector is heating up with no guarantees there will be enough passengers willing to pay higher prices to sustain three carriers in a market where low-fares dominate and where airlines struggle to make a profit.
LCCs(Low Cost Carriers) operate from the same airport, offer high frequency services, a very competitive route network, focus on onboard and ground services and reliability/ on time performance. Except a meal on board, everything is almost similar. FSCs(Full Service Carriers) need to have a tangible service differentiation compared to LCCs with a cost base to support. Providing meals on board cannot be the differentiation and the strategy for FSCs. It has to much more meaningful and defining.
Let more competition usher in better services and facilities to the users. Let Indian Aviation march ahead with the the world community and be BEST among the REST.
Aryama Sanyal

The Air Traffic Controllers' Day is on October 20, To celebrate most proudly the profession of Air Traffic Control, and fly together to new heights in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration with the entire Aviation Community, Air Traffic Controllers Of India and Partners in Aviation celebrates the ATC DAY with the vow to uphold safety and security in the skies.