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Do you think Indian ATC is doing enough to reduce RT congestion in the skies ?
FROM THE EDITORS DESK- Forty Eight Issue, Feb-March- 2016

Hi Friends!
     A brand new 2016 , which has already unfolded into the month of January. Indian Aviation is flying high into quality services and customer satisfaction despite few CB clouds here and there.

      In 2015 ,Mangalore International Airport received the coveted “WORLD COMMITMENT QUALITY AWARD” in Gold Category in Paris from the Spain based Business Initiative Directions. This award was given to acknowledge the quality of services provided by Mangalore to its users after a thorough research and analysis by experts. It was the only Indian international Airport to get this award.
      Again in 2016 ,Mangalore International Airport has been shortlisted for another International Award from World Business Initiative of USA from Bizz Group. Kudos to the Airport Director and his team of Officers for providing quality services to all the customers and earning a good name for the country.
      The Indian Aviation is going “Customer Friendly” these days. To provide greater flexibility in booking an air ticket, private carrier Jet Airways now allows its customers to retain a "selected" fare for a limited period before confirming the purchase at a later date.
      The Airport Regulatory Authority is planning implementation of a Metro connectivity from Mumbai International Airport to South Mumbai.
        On the path to revival,Indian Domestic Airlines SpiceJet has managed to slash its debt burden by nearly Rs 1,200 crore to Rs 800 crore in the last one year, according to the airline's chief Ajay Singh. Riding on the back of four straight quarters of profit, SpiceJet is slowly moving from consolidation to expansion path and is preparing to trim costs in the long term.
        The Airports Authority of India which manages 125 Airports in India is taking a green initiative and working on initiatives to generate solar power to replace electric power in its select airports.In this line AAI has awarded solar projects totalling 23.6 MW till now.The biggest project in Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Kolkata International Airport is expected to be completed by April 2016 and is of 16MW Solar power. In three other small International Airports of Jaipur,Lucknow and Amritsar, 1MW each of solar power projects on airport roof tops have been initiated.
        The journey to total Customer Satisfaction is long but Indian Aviation has taken off and begun the flight to Customer Delights. Let us all give our very best to take this flight safely to its coveted destination.
Aryama Sanyal

The Air Traffic Controllers' Day is on October 20, To celebrate most proudly the profession of Air Traffic Control, and fly together to new heights in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration with the entire Aviation Community, Air Traffic Controllers Of India and Partners in Aviation celebrates the ATC DAY with the vow to uphold safety and security in the skies.