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Do you think Indian ATC is doing enough to reduce RT congestion in the skies ?
From The Editor's Desk - Ninetieth Issue, October,2009

20th October is here with us again. The day of International Air Traffic Controllers Day. The day which is proudly celebrated world over by all Air Traffic Controllers as an ode to their responsibility towards aviation safety and the highest standards of professionalism for a safer skies.

Air Traffic Control is an integral part of Aviation. It was a logical fall out of aviation which was born with the first flight of mankind in 1903.Man had always wanted to conquer the empire of the skies. And the persons, the caring voices who help pilots make a safe journey through the skies are a team of dedicated, efficient band of Air Traffic Controllers

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The Air Traffic Controller is a breed apart, a person who really does a unique job. At times the job he does makes his heart beat faster than usual due to the challenges faced by him. But he is one person, whatever the gender, who is trained to have the ability to think logically and strategically. Air Traffic Controller is always level headed and can make rapid and accurate decisions in the interest of aircraft and aviation safety while following rules and procedures. Their primary goal is safety and efficiency. Creativity is inherent in this profession because no two situations are the same. Each day, each hour, each time is different to the next- and there are a mixture of all sort of planes flying in the skies-the big jets, the smaller and slower planes, adverse weather conditions, planes diverted from other airports due to some reason or other, planes needing help due to emergency.

As we pay our homage to this unique profession today, let us call for better facilities, better training opportunities, automation and practice to work when automation fails, any thing and every thing that helps the Controller in decision making. Because decisions are required to be made fast and they are required to be safe.

Let us vow today to do every thing to make the Indian Air Traffic Control one of the very best.....

Aryama Sanyal