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Do you think Indian ATC is doing enough to reduce RT congestion in the skies ?
From The Editor's Desk - Sixteenth Issue, December 2008
In the last part of October the Air Traffic Control Units all over the world celebrated the "International Air Traffic Controllers Day" to celebrate the profession of Air Traffic Control and its positive contribution to Aviation and Aviation Safety. In India the Air Traffic Controllers Guild took a lead and functions were held in almost all the airports to promote safe practices in Air Traffic Control and foster united growth among the aviation community. We at celebrated the occasion in a big way at Shikarbadi Airstrip at Udaipur where about ten flying club operated aircraft participated to enable a direct interaction between pilots, ATCOs and school children of the schools of Udaipur City. The children were thrilled to witness Hot Air Ballooning and Aeromodelling flights done during the day. Later in the evening a sound and light show listing the milestones in aviation were presented to a packed audience by Shriji Arvind Singhji Mewar who is one person in Rajasthan who not only takes keen interest in aviation but always does everything to promote growth in aviation, was the Chief Guest during the function.
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Civil Aviation in India is growing in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Indians are flying now like never before. In the year of 2007 a total of 432.89 lakh people had flown registering a growth of 32.51% as per DGCA, India. The same source predicts continuous growth in the next few years in Indian Aviation which is expected to become stable at a steady 22% by the end of next five years. In a world perspective, the preliminary traffic figures for 2008 released by ICAO show a slow growth with only a 1.8% increase over 2007 in terms of passenger kilometers performed (PKP).

In the wake of 26/11/08 Mumbai terror attack, the aviation sector all over the world is bracing itself to keep its airports safe and secure. In India all the airports are on a high alert. The Civil Aviation Ministry has asked the State Governments to revamp security not just at airports but at unused airstrips especially in remote areas and those lying abandoned. All chopper flying from uncontrolled airstrips are being monitored to improve security.

With all the bottlenecks faced like spiraling price line, security concerns, dip in passenger travel by air in comparison to 2007, Indian Aviation is still expected to see investments to the tune of US$ 50 billion in the next decade mainly in the form of airport infrastructure upgrade and fleet acquisition by carriers. The Air Cargo sector is at an interesting juncture and poised for a huge growth. The country's aerospace manufacturing industry is also registering an interesting growth.
Very soon we are going to bid a goodbye to 2008 and welcome a new, fresh and pulsating 2009.Let us all do our bit to make 2009 an exciting year for the Indian Aviation. And on behalf of all of us at CCT here's wishing you a fantastic, fabulous and futuristic New Year ahead....
Aryama Sanyal