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Do you think Indian ATC is doing enough to reduce RT congestion in the skies ?
From The Editor's Desk - Twenty Third Issue, January 2011
Hi Guys!!!
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We have flown into another brand New Year.
The vista and visibility appears good for all of us with increasing competitions among all Indian aviation players and rising customer satisfaction index.
The first Indian to have an airplane is the young Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh. In fact he is considered by many, in 1910, to be one of the first Asians to fly. Since then the evolution of Airlines have been rapid in India, starting with JRD Tata being awarded the first Indian Pilot license for flying his Gypsy Moth.

Aviation in India didn’t take a large part of the travel till around the 1950’s when we had the Indian Government stepping in and publicizing and consolidating many individual players to jet start Indian Aviation. Thus began Indian Airlines and their operations on 1st August 1953.

Currently today though the market share is dominated by private players in the market. Private airlines hold 60 percent of the market share. It was aided with allowing private carriers to allow air taxi operations. This brought in lot of healthy competition among aviation players and increased customer satisfaction.

The inventive ways of Airlines competing and offering better fares and privileges to the users, thus allowing for a wider choice and an affordable one opened the skies to the middle segment in the society. No longer aviation remained the luxury of few.

People want good, affordable and comfortable travel. And they are ready to pay a price for it. Wouldn’t the largest backed up airlines actually want to leverage that to gain share?

The success mantra should include,

a) Improve service of ground stuff, the customer is the most important asset.

b) Improvement of online booking facilities with the faster group of net savvy people, it is important that applications are made to cater to their needs and result in by passing agents.

c) Fly more often and at cheaper rates through the most important business domestic routes. It helps to help people fly at convenient timings.

Wishing AVIATION a fantastic flight in INDIA!!!
Aryama Sanyal