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Do you think Indian ATC is doing enough to reduce RT congestion in the skies ?
From The Editor's Desk - Twenty Sixth Issue, January 2012
      HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! January is with us again as the biting cold wave sweeps the Northern part of India leading to fog affected delayed flights and delayed trains.This is the time when all of us are usually on vacations trying to recharge our batteries to work vigorously in the entire year ahead of us.
      2011 was quite a turbulent year for the aviation sector in India.The most significant event being the grounding of Kingfisher Red.The Maharajas's(Air India) fortunes have long eroded ,but the royal shock came from the diminishing fortunes of the King of Good Times.On the brighter side,Indigo Airlines flew International and did not report loss in the 2011.
      Good news for us is an Indianised version of revolution in the skies.The NMS.It is the first indigeniously developed private aircraft to seat 05 passengers which has been developed by Mahindra Aerospace and the CSIR.This aircraft can revolutionaize the urban transport in India what with its capability to land on unpaved runways.It had tested successfully in Sept,2011 and meets is a low cost aircraft meeting all global standards.It is expected to be launched in mid 2012.
      The final implementation phase of our home made GAGAN-the acronym for GPS aided GEO Augmented navigation,India's prestigious project,is in progress and is expected to be completed by 2013.The GAGAN is designed to provide the additional accuracy,availability and integrity necessary to enable users to rely on GPS for all phases of flight.
      On the Gujarat front things are real shining.The State Govt.has decided tp set up helipads at all taluka head quarters to provide better connectivity.A Civil Aviation policy is being formulated in the State for providing better facilities.The Minister of State for Civil Aviation in Gujarat informed the pressthat the Govt. has plans to develop11 new airportsin the State.First phase will involve Dwarka,Ambaji and Palitana to provide better facilities to pilgrims travelling to these places.At present there are 8 airports in Gujarat which are managed by AAI,3 airports are inder the Indian Air Forces and 3 airports are managed by the Govt.of Gujarat.So,it is a state where things are really taking off to a flying start.
       A new year is again with us.So let us focus,be disciplined in all our efforts and our motivated conviction shall lead us to GLORY.SO CHEERS GUYS!!!

Aryama Sanyal