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Do you think Indian ATC is doing enough to reduce RT congestion in the skies ?
FROM THE EDITORS DESK- Twenty Ninth Issue, April 2012
     Hi Friends! TIMES FOR GOOD CHEERS for India. Airports Authority of India as an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) has won the prestigious Jane’s Award for the year 2012 for achieving the best Operational Efficiency through its upper airspace harmonization program.
     The Award was presented to AAI in an impressive ceremony at Amsterdam on the 5th March 2012 in the presence of CEOs and top executives. The upper airspace harmonization program involves redesigning the Indian airspace to increased airspace capacity through operation of multiple ATC sectors enabled by ATS Automation, networking of Radars and VHF frequencies. The redesigned airspace would cater for future growth of air traffic and contribute to enhanced efficiency and safety. The redesigning of airspace is being taken up by major ANSPs of the world.
     Jane’s ATC Awards recognizes and rewards excellence within air traffic control industry. India had sent in the nomination for the coveted Jane’s Award under the operational efficiency category featuring Indian upper airspace harmonization program.
     Mr.V.Somasundaram, Member ANS,on behalf of AAI received the award in a glittering ceremony in the presence of top CEOs and major ANSPs of the world in Amsterdam on the 5th of March 2012.We are truly proud of all the initiatives taken by Mr.V.Somasundaram for a flawless skies.
The aviation sector is truly the real World Wide Web not only in India but also world wide .A recent study has said it is currently contributing Rs 33,000 crore or 0.5 per cent of India's GDP and supporting 1.7 million jobs in the country, besides creating much-needed critical assets.
     The study, conducted by Oxford Economics for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently, says aviation not only provided significant economic benefits to the Indian economy and the citizens, but also critical assets on which modern globalized businesses depend.
     The adventure of Aviation that started about a hundred years back has now become a necessity.It has connected the world and has ushered in an era of GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY.It is heartening to know that major ANSPs world wide are constantly modernizing their operational efficiency to serve the travellers better.And India has begun its major overhauling of Air Traffic Services facilities to benefit the users.
Aryama Sanyal