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Do you think Indian ATC is doing enough to reduce RT congestion in the skies ?
GO GREEN - Thirty Eighth Issue, June 2013
So far preservation of environment was cited as the main reason for making businesses green. However, a point has been reached where the main driver for business to go green, is profit.

This was the message from the first day of the Confederation of Indian Industry's (CII) flagship summit, the "GreenCo Summit, 2012’ titled, How to GREEN your company" in Mumbai.

GreenCo rating, the first of its kind green rating in the world, was initiated by CII with the intention of pushing the green agenda in the country. The first awards were given today.
ITC Limited, Bhadrachalam unit won the golden plaque and Bangalore International Airport won the silver plaque for their green initiatives.
Mr. Firdose Vandervala, Chairman & Managing Direcor, HIRCO, said, "Our society is overusing every kind of resource. It won't be long before we reach our limit. To avert this disaster we have to cooperate and go green together."
Talking about the industry he said, “Industry has today realised that ecological sustainability is important for business because it helps reduce the consumption of energy, water and resources making industry that much more competitive and profitable. Going green has never made better business sense than now.” He went on, “Market potential for green building is estimated to be 100 billion dollars. This may trigger entrepreneurship.” The biggest challenge for businesses to go green, he believes, is attitudinal.
Mr. Pradeep Bhargava, Chairman, Greenco Summit 2012 & Chairman, CII (WR) said, "Most people have a myth that development and environment can’t co exist. Just like we dispelled another myth of quality and quantity not being compatible, we have to do the same for development and sustainability." He further urged the industry to own up to going green." The Green agenda is ours. Let us not outsource it to the government. We have to solve it ourselves and we have the resources and flexibility to do so. And just as you don't leave profitability to the government, you shouldn't leave green to them as well.
Bringing the looming recession and green agenda together, he said, "have always believed that there is a business case for going green. The economy is down, so you might as well go green and make more sense of it. Just the way you do production and operation efficiency during business downturn, so you might as well take the opportunity to go green."
Mr. Lindsey K Parnell, President & CEO, InterfaceFLOR Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, talked about how his company that has been one of the global pioneers in the green industry movement managed to do so. He laid out their secret to how they saved a whooping Euro 430 million by going green, “Set ambitious targets that inspire people, have the courage to face up to tough challenges, link the sustainability strategy to the business case, create a culture of 'there has to be a better way', lead from the top with visible and sustained commitment from senior executives, Inform, engage and motivate employees to put the strategy into action, encourage a dialog with employees and be open to their ideas and use employee creativity to come up with solutions to the challenge."
He added, "The fact that there is a business case in going green will become a business imperative soon enough."
A CII Environment Directory and GreenCo reference Manual was also released during the Summit.
Mr. S Raghupathy, Executive Director, CII – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, said, "The vision of CII is to make India a developed country by 2022. To achieve that India must be a global player in key industries. India must achieve world class status in the green business. The purpose is to enable Indian businesses to pursue world class ratings that will transform green markets. Together as a combination, a bulk of our industry can be made greener. We believe that green rating will impact 1000 companies by 2015"
For years Industry has looked down at green as being optional. What emerged from the first day of the summit is that if a company wants to maximise profit, being green is no longer an option. It has become a necessity.
About GreenCo Rating System
GreenCo rating system is a holistic framework to define and assess "how Green" the company is and highlight the way forward to become Greener. The rating will act as a milestone for companies pursuing green initiatives to measure where they stand and help them in defining the path forward.
Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) has the distinction of being the first company in India to achieve the GreenCo Rating. The company has met the Silver standards under the rating. BIAL has done exceptional work in the areas of waste management by recycling 100 % of its solid waste, water conservation and optimization of resource intensity.
ITC Limited - Paperboards and Specialty Papers Division, Bhadrachalam Unit has become the first Pulp and Paper Company in the country to achieve the GreenCo Gold Rating. ITC PSPD has been playing a significant role in reducing its environmental footprint by being one of the most energy efficient paper companies in the country and also adopting Social Forestry and implementing eco friendly technologies in paper manufacturing. ITC as a group also has the distinction of being a carbon and water positive company in the country.
Collected and Contributed by Shailesh Khalpada,BVQI,Ahmedabad

The Air Traffic Controllers' Day is on October 20, To celebrate most proudly the profession of Air Traffic Control, and fly together to new heights in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration with the entire Aviation Community, Air Traffic Controllers Of India and Partners in Aviation celebrates the ATC DAY with the vow to uphold safety and security in the skies.